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Smiling Nurse

M. Jansen


Big number: 899159504

Sports and exercise are in my DNA. As a young enthusiast, I was a passionate cyclist.
I immersed myself in training and competitions, full of joy and fun. At the same time my curiosity for biology and physics awakened. The human body turned out to be an inexhaustible source of fascination. How does it all work? A question that only strengthened my desire for knowledge. In June 2012, I put the finishing touches to my physiotherapy training. From that moment on, my life was dedicated to my passions: sports and exercise.


During my studies and early career I worked for various physiotherapy practices. But I soon realized that many of my colleagues' treatment methods were not consistent with the high-quality care I wanted to provide. Symptom management was often the norm, with little attention to sustainable long-term solutions. Unfortunately, I saw too many people return within a year with the same complaints.

These experiences gave rise to the seed for my own practice, where an active treatment approach and a personal approach would be central. Resolving and preventing complaints became our most important focus.

Now it's time to put my vision into practice. I invite you to be part of this special journey. Together we move forward, with a focus on a healthy and pain-free life.

Ready to take the plunge? Join us and discover the power of customized treatment, focused on your unique needs.

See you in my practice, where complaints don't stand a chance!

Stan Loo

Nice Nurse

N. Prinsen

Massage therapist

Big number: 39929546904

Imagine a world where you can move freely, pursue your passions and live a life full of happiness. That's where physiotherapy plays a crucial role, because it allows you to move without restrictions. And I am here as a physiotherapist to coach you on this path, so that you can focus on what really matters.

I believe that pain-free exercise, with long-lasting results, can be achieved through a combination of physical, mental, social and behavioral approaches. As a physiotherapist, I strive for an active and behavioral approach to give you full freedom of movement again. This approach focuses on aspects that you can influence yourself, giving you grip and control over your recovery. And I go beyond recovery, I strive to improve your overall health through long-term lifestyle changes. This way we can prevent complaints from recurring. My vision of physiotherapy is focused on the future.

I am more than just a physiotherapist; I am your coach. As a therapist and as a person, I always look for the possibilities of my clients. What can you do and what can be improved? What is your goal and how are we going to approach this? What's your next step?

It gives me immense satisfaction when you are open to coaching, actively work on the themes discussed and ultimately achieve long-lasting results.

With me you can expect an approach in which we actively work together on recovery and optimizing your health. I'm here for you!

My affinity lies mainly with sports rehabilitation (strength sports), chronic pain, psychosomatic complaints and lifestyle coaching (exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress). Together we will face these challenges and work towards a better version of yourself.

Let's move together towards a life full of freedom, vitality and joy!

Jordy Essers

Male Nurse

S. de Jong


Big number: 09933200304

During my high school years I discovered my passion: physiotherapy. The human body and sports fascinated me enormously. In 2019, I enthusiastically started my physiotherapy training at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen.

As an intern at various practices, I developed my own vision as a physiotherapist. I want to combine manual techniques with targeted exercise therapy to help people live complaints-free. My enthusiasm, spontaneity and eagerness to learn are my motivations.

I believe in preventing recurring problems, not just solving them. Exercise therapy is my focus, but I also want to delve further into manual therapy.

I can't wait to share my expertise with you and work together towards a healthy future. Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking for preventive care or want to work on your well-being, I am here for you.


Let's build a balanced body, a life without obstacles and a vital future.

Levi Schormans.


Since September 2017 we have had the pleasure of working with the amazing Sophie Janssen, a walking coach and running trainer extraordinaire. Be enchanted by the power of sporty walking, because this is no ordinary walk. No, here you will work purposefully on the total condition of your body, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the beautiful nature around you.

As always, our training sessions start with a warm-up: a gentle walk-in and a series of dynamic exercises to wake up your muscles. Then comes the core activity. And don't forget, after work is done, it's time to relax! We end each session with a gentle cool-down, followed by stretching exercises to prevent any muscle soreness.

Be careful, because once you have walked with our sporty walking group a few times, you will become addicted. Challenge yourself and join us for an unforgettable adventure full of sporty walking. Trust us, you will be amazed at the amazing results and boundless energy you will experience!

Come on, let yourself go and discover the power of sporty walking!

Parking lot MFA De Hoven, pres Kennedystraat 42. 6269 CC Margraten
Register: email, or telephone 06-48144707

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