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A running analysis by a physio

A running analysis by a physio.

Injuries are often misunderstood and handled incorrectly. But there is a solution:
a detailed analysis of your walking pattern!


Imagine an online running analysis under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist. Faster recovery, without stopping training. And it's covered by your health insurance, so it's completely free!

With the expertise of a physiotherapist, every aspect of your running pattern is meticulously analyzed. Discover the source of pain and discomfort. Your physiotherapist provides personal adjustments and exercises so that you can continue to train and heal safely.

No more struggling with injuries or interruptions in your running routine. Work towards your goals, with a team of experts to guide you. Say goodbye to injury frustrations and embrace the possibilities of an (online) running analysis. Enjoy your passion for running freely!

Gain insight into your walking pattern

Prevent running injuries

Improve your running performance

Choose your analysis


Sports and exercise are in my blood

10 years of experience as a physiotherapist and further training in the field of running make me very skilled in analyzing runners.
I have been able to analyze several champions and many other runners in my practice. Now everyone gets that chance!


Do you have questions? Look atFrequently Asked Questions or leave a callback request.

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